"Cool Japan" from Lake Yamanaka at foot of Mt. Fuji to You !

"Cool Your Country" from Your side to Japan via Here !

  "If one asks about the Yamato Spirit , it is like the Cherry Blossoms that bloom in the Morning Sun."

  It is quoted 'Japan Spirit' on Short poem that was composed by Norinaga Motoori during the Edo period.

  We, ZERO-Project Japan Inc., are located at Lake Yamanaka, where is very close to Mt. Fuji, world most beautiful mountain.

  We would like to introduce you not only Japanese products, but also Japanese tradition and culture.

We call it "Cool Japan !"

  We also want to introduce your products, your tradition and your culture to Japan.    We call it "Cool Your Country !"



If you want to stay at the foot of Mt. Fuji !

If you are looking for Industrial Products !

If you are interested in Business in Asia !

If you are looking for Business Partner in Japan !

If you are interested in Import/Export with Japan !

If you need Information Services in Japan !


3rd Sep. 2012 Establish the Company


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